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Weekly Fixed Take Out Meals and Catering

Our Menu.

Take Out Dinners Available

 Take out Suppers will be only Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Payment methods are etransfer or cash (no debit or visa at this time)

Please place order one day prior and secure order via etransfer (

Lunch Box Meals

Price to $15 (Adult) $10 (Senior portion)

Delivered the evening before between 7-8:30pm


Cold cut sub – (Lettuce, tomato, white cheddar cheese, pickles, red onion – mustard, mayo, or sub sauce), fruit, Rice Krispie square, bottle of water.


Chicken Caesar Wrap, veggies and dip(ranch), banana bread, bottle of water.


Roast beef on a bun, mustard, lettuce and cheddar, fruit, Layered pudding dessert square. (contains walnuts or pecans) bottle of water,


Turkey or ham and cheese on croissant – lettuce and honey mustard, container of veggies (Hummus), brownie, bottle of water


Chicken Greek wrap, fruit, Special K Bar, bottle of water.

All orders must be made the day prior to delivery

This Week Special

Desserts and Dips

Order ahead! (2-3 days) Authentic Homemade

Authentic Homemade


 (Portuguese Custard Tarts) 
6 tarts – $20


Portuguese Donuts
6 donuts – $10
12 donuts – $20


Extra small – Feeds 2 people $10
Small – Feeds 4 people $20
Medium – Feeds 9 people $30
Large – Feeds 12 people $40
Extra Large – Feeds 20 $60

Topping: Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

 Size – circle Bundt pan $40 ( Feeds 10-12)

Coffee cake

Size – circle Bundt pan – $30 (Feeds 10-12)

Banana bread

Size: Standard Bread pan $10

Rice Krispies

Small: 1 container with 15 squares -$15
Large: 1 container with 30 squares – $25

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Box of 12 – $25

Box of 12 decorated – $35

Nacho Dip

(made with ground beef) Serve cold – (5 layers)
Small 8×8 $25
Large 12×9 – $40

Nacho Dip - Served warm

(Made with ground beef) (3 layers)
Small 8×8- $25
Large: 11×9 $45